• October 3, 2022

The Easiest Way To Restore The Windows 7 Classic Shell Start Menu

If you have windows 7 Classic Start Menu Skin installed on your PC, we hope this article will help you fix it.

The Classic Start Menu replaces the Windows Start Menu. Features include: Customize the appearance of the Start button and menus, as well as navigation items and submenus. View recent and most used applications.

How do I get the Classic Start menu in Windows 7?

Love the new Start menu in Windows 7, but want the classic menu too? Now you can get it with CSMenu.

Download Classic Shell

Windows 10 has new features such as user interface, Cortana, Microsoft Edge, and some app icons.user interface. All of these features are generally very compatible with our PC, but some features probably do not suit our needs as much as many people only have problems with the Windows 10 Start Menu. The Windows 10 Start Menu is similar to Windows, but 8 includes the utility with Cortana. and beautiful interface.

windows 7 start menu classic shell

What Happened To Classic Shell?

Classic Shell has been a Windows 11 development tool for a long time. It was discontinued before 2017 and has been maintained by volunteers for many years. The hot project is called Open-Shell, so it’s currently available on Github.

Open (classic Layer Shell)

The classic shell has been a fundamental alternative to the standard Windows launch for many years of compilation. Unfortunately, the entire Classic shell developer had to leave their project, so they released it to the source. Open Is Shell is the same Classic Shell app, but rewritten by volunteer developers to stay up to date with Windows 10 updates. Open’s main focus is on the shell, so they can replace the Windows 10 startup recipe with a Windows 7-like launch menu that can to be moreMore professional with skins.

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Install And Run Classic Shell

The Classic Shell add-on never replaces the splash screen, so once installed, a person cannot immediately notice inconsistencies, especially if you worked in the kitchen and did not restart the computer during this process.

How do I get the Classic Start menu?

The sleeker Windows 11 menu bar is designed to help you provide a more efficient user experience. However, its layout contrasts sharply with its Windows 10 version. The menu not only sits proudly in the center of the desktop, but also displays some computer programs that you might not use often. As Windows 14 upgrades take some getting used to, shoppers want a familiar, easy-to-navigate pricing plan. By tweaking your PC settings, you can turn on the classic download assortment and access the programs you love the most.

Windows 7 Startmenu Classic Shell
Shell Classica Del Menu Di Avvio Di Windows 7
Shell Clasico Del Menu De Inicio De Windows 7
Klasyczna Powloka Menu Startowego Systemu Windows 7
Shell Classico Do Menu Iniciar Do Windows 7
Windows 7 Startmenu Klassieke Shell
Windows 7 Startmeny Klassiskt Skal