• December 3, 2022

Best Way To Fix IPhone Photos Issues On PC Errors

Today’s guide was created to help you when you get iphone photos on PC with an error.


Are you worried about how to fix iPhone photo import error? “Something went wrong”?

Microsoft and Apple have been having device compatibility issues for some time now. Reservation may occur This is because Apple encourages the use of the best Apple devices with other Apple technologies, while the same goes for Microsoft. However, users still don’t have a good iPhone Mac or a good Android phone and a Windows computer.

Such incompatibilities can cause various errors and therefore crashes, and one example of the aforementioned is the “Something went wrong” error failing when transferring iPhone photos from Microsoft Photos to a Windows computer >

This is mainly due to the incompatibility of the HEIC format with iPhone photos, which cannot be imported into Windows system one by one. It may also be due to corrupted some microsoft Photos apps or some iPhone photo settings.

iphone photos to pc error

Whatever the reason, for some users who routinely transfer photos from their iPhone to their Windows PC, it’s still a devastating fact. If you are dealing with these users, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of ways users can try to solve my problem.

  • 1. Keep your iPhone unlocked.
  • 2.Change iPhone photo settings.
  • 3. Give the control full permissions to the images folder.
  • 4. Disable your antivirus software.
  • 5. Update your iPhone windows to the latest version of the operating system.
  • 6. Discover Fiverr.
  • 7. Photos are developed in small portions.
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    1. Keep Your IPhone Unlocked. With

    In most cases, this problem can be caused by your iPhone going into “Locked Mode” as well as “Sleep Mode” almost immediately. Once this happens, there may be problems or interruptions when publishing photos, as Apple devices in this state do not allow data transfer through alternative platforms.

    To fix some issues, you need to make sure iPhone is unlocked after connecting iPhone to computer in Windows. To do this perfectly, you can tap your iPhone’s screen once to show it to you while transferring files.

    You no longer need to check your iPhone from time to time to make sure it doesn’t get “blocked””fixed” mode to prevent “something error went wrong”™, except for the appearance of .

    2. Change Your IPhone Photo Settings.

    Some users have reported that changing iPhone photo settings to “Keep Originals” or “Automatic” fixes this issue.

    iphone photos to pc error

    After solving the problem on their own, users found that if you select “Automatic”, because your iPhone’s memory is almost full and even full, visions convert files to .ce jpg, which causes problems when transferring photos.

    Fortunately, changing the scope action to “keep originals” prevents this issue from occurring.

    1. Go ahead and open the Settings app on your iPhone.
    2. Now select Photos.
    3. Then, in the Transfer Computer to Mac section, select Keep Originals.

    After that, try to import photos from iPhone again to a working computer with windows, check if the iPhone 3GS photo import “went wrong” error has been fixed. Fortunately, this ad has solved your if problem, even this kasatisfies the majority of users. If not, we have many other methods to try.

    3.Give Full Access To The Images Folder.

    Thing can easily check if folders of type “Images” have the appropriate permissions. In some scenarios, this is the culprit for the error went “Something is wrong”, so be sure to check the permissions allowed on your Windows computer.

    1. Keep going and you’re hitting the Windows and E keys on your keyboard.
    2. Now right click on any image in any folder select and “Properties”.
    3. Then go back to Security and change the Breeze tab.
    1. Then username of your group as or username. If start=”5″>
    2. After
    1. Usually, if full access is already on, they toggle it that way, and thus turn it off again.
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    1. Go ahead and at the same time press Windows and E on your keyboard.
    2. Now right click on the image folder.Options and select “Properties”.
    3. Then go to the “Security” tab and click “Advanced”.

  • Then click “Add specific button”. If necessary, you should be redirected to another window. You click your own “Select Principal”.
  • Then type in “All” according to “You are entering the name of the object you are using (examples), select “Check Names” and click OK.”
  • Finally, in the “Basic Permissions” section, select “Manage Sort” and click “OK”.
  • After everything is done, you will check if there is a problem. Hopefully the app will stop running after changing the folder image permissions.

    4. Disable Your Antivirus Software.

    In most, if not all, cases, the software blocks antivirus and removes suspicious files from your computer.

    To prevent this process, you can temporarily disable Windows Defender Firewall and other antivirus programs installed on your computer Windows. However, if your antivirus does not have an uninstall feature, you can complete the virus scan task before proceeding with the transfer.

    If all your antiviruses are disabled, try importing photos again to see if importing photos from iPhone Thing is stuck “something went wrong”. Otherwise, continue with this method.

    5. Update Your Windows IPhone To The Latest Version Of The Operating System.

    Why is there an error when transferring photos from iPhone to PC?

    This is mainly due to your incompatible iPhone HEIC photo format, which cannot be imported to Windows system directly from the store. It can also be caused by Microsoft messing up the Photos app or the iPhone’s photo settings.

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    To make sure you keep up with the latest bug fixes and updates, you need to make sure someone always has the latest operating system, whether it’s for your Apple iPhone 4s or from a Windows computer. . Updating should resolve the issue, as most common errors can usually be fixed by updating to the latest version of the operating system.

    In most cases, before you start updating devices, make sure the battery is at about 50%. In addition, a stable network connection is required, wi-fi, as this will affect the download speed of the update.< /p>

    Why are my iPhone photos saying error?

    In most cases, the Photos app is buggy and can stop uploading photos and videos. Force quitting and rebooting will usually fix the issue. Start from the bottom edge screen. If you’re using Awesome with iPhone Touch ID, double-tap each of our Home buttons instead.

    Why are my iPhone photos not importing?

    Access new settings by selecting iPhone4, iCloud, then Photos. Make sure iCloud Photo Library is turned on. check the Also box if “Optimize storage” is also enabled. If this program is active, turn them off and set them aside until your iPhone has finished downloading from iCloud Photos.

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