• December 3, 2022

How To Fix How To Fix DNS Server Not Responding On Android Phone?

It appears that some users have encountered a known error code that can be used to fix DNS server not responding on Android phone. This problem can occur for several reasons. We will review them now.

Sometimes the easiest solution is to upgrade your router. If you are connected to Wi-Fi, turn off the router, just wait 10 seconds and restart. Also, if you are probably using a mobile Internet connection, try disconnecting it and then reconnecting it.


How do I fix a specific error about not being able to find the DNS server address on Android?

I recently published an article on how to fix a server’s DNS address that might not be resolved on the boomaga in which I explained how to fix DNS related problems on your computer and get rid of the problems.

Americans experience the same problems on Android phones, where they definitely don’t have internet access and hardly any problems accessing their websites.

Here ezah=”250″ firstly, another thing, check a lot if the internet is working at all or not. If the internet is not fully working this can be a problem, you need to forward emails to your internet provider but if the internet is on but you still can’t access the sites some really bother you. If other open phones/computers work and yours doesn’t, it could be the DNS address.

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When accessing your websites, you may see the error “Cannot find the server’s DNS address”.Ezah=”250″

So, in this article, I’ll figure out how to fix an Android element.

How To Fix The Basic “Server DNS Address Not Found” Problem On Android?

How do I fix my DNS server on Android?

Go to menu -> “Settings” “WLAN”.through and pulling the network into a non-wi-fi you need to switch.Select Change network.downScroll and click “Options” under the “Advanced” section.downScroll and click on DHCP together.Click Static.Youscroll down and configure the DNS server IP address for DNS 1 (the first DNS server in the list).

When “1”>

  • Enable/Disable Your Favorite Android Phoneid Is Connected To The Router, Turn Off The Hub And Then Turn It Back On Within 10 Seconds. If Your Phone Is Using Cellular Data, Try Disconnecting Again And Reconnecting. Sometimes These Simple Things Effectively Solve The Problem.

  • Use Google DNS Servers

  • In this case, if you want to know your phone’s internet vibration, please update your DNS server to Google Free DNS. This is one of the most effective tips for DNS-related problems, because in many cases google dns works well. Check out other public DNS servers for free.

    How does it work?

    Different voice models are marketed differently. I am using Vivo V11

    1. Swipe up from the back and you’ll see the Wi-Fi icon there.
    2. Now press hold and the Wi-Fi icon. This may well result in you being able to get real estate accessed via WLAN.
    3. if the phone is really not static now uses ip, turn it offthose to turn it on, then press dns 1, go in and google dns Then press DNS2 again and type 8.8.4. 4.

    He can do anything. DNS updated. Now try to find out if the site opened on only your phone. This is exactly what will work right now. Start=”3″>

  • Restart

  • how to fix dns server not responding android phone

    Rebooting your phone can sometimes solve the problem, as owners of a computing device such as a phone will reboot your phone. This happens several times. So if you encounter this DNS error, try restarting and see if it works for your business.

  • Google Play Services.announcing An Update

  • Your Android device does have the apps that are required for Google Play to function properly. Let’s say you’re having similar problems or something like “dns_probe_finished_no_internet”, but an additional Google Play Services update will probably fix the problem.

    To make changes to Google Play Services, customers must first disable Android Device Manager.

    Select “Settings”> “Security/Privacy” > “Security Settings” > “Device Manager”.

    There you will see “Find my device”. Click on it, click then “Disable” on the next screen.

    Now go back to Settings > Settings > Advanced Application Manager.

    Now go back, but also repeat the re-enable process for Device Manager.


    Therefore, if you encounter the error “Unable to find the DNS server address on” Android, try to solve them, I’m sure your family will be able to solve the problem in no time at this time. Any questions your family has, write in the comments and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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    How Can I Fix That The Primary DNS Server Is Not Responding To My Phone?

    Let’s take a look at ten ways to completely fix a DNS server not responding on Windows Mac devices.

    1. Switch that distinguishes browser.…
    2. Start your computer in safe mode. …
    3. Temporarily
    4. turn off your firewall and antivirus softwareteaching. …

    5. disable secondary connections.
    6. … all

    7. Disable Windows peer-to-peer networking features.
    8. … You are

    9. rebooting the router.

    How To Reset Android Dns?

    You can just go to your browser settings and clear your browser numbers and cache and that should do the trick. You can even do this by going to Settings -> Applications -> -> Browser (the browser you are using). Here you can simply go to “Storage” and click “Clear cache”.

    What Is My Android DNS Server?


    Go to “Settings” and under “Wireless & Networks” tap & Wi-Fi. Connected press and hold their Wi-Fi connection until a pop-up window appears, select and Change network configuration. You should now be able to scroll through the scripts list on the screen. Keep scrolling until you see DNS 1 and DNS 2.

    How To Solve The Problem?

    how to fix dns server not responding android phone

    If the home page doesn’t solve your problem, jump to the solutions below, which are almost always for Windows 10 users.

  • rule
      Solving problems with the provider. …
    1. Restart networking on your devices.
    2. Free DNS and winsock cache redesign. …
    3. Make
    4. a good reboot…

      You are

    5. using the Microsoft LLDP protocol driver.
    6. Update the adapter driver and reinstall if necessary.
    7. Like

    Can I Reset Some Dns Settings?

    1. I would say the start menu is in the bottom corner of the screen: …
    2. What does DNS mean on my Android phone?

      dns and serves as a “telephone directory” for the global network. or Responsible for converting domains (such as lifewire.com) to routable IP addresses. You don’t need to remember 151 what.101. 130.114 as a lifewire.com address every time you visit vous.you

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